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Posted by Marc , plumbing contractor in California on March 20, 2004 at 00:53:48:
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: HOLD ON GUYS. OVER THE YEARS (30) AND INCLUDING LAST MONTH, WHEN OPENING UP WALLS AND/OR DOING A TIE-IN AND FILL TEST IN HIDDEN WALLS, WE HAVE SEEN DOZENS OF PERFORATED GALV. VENTS. THE ONE LAST MONTH WAS corroded only within THE TOP FOOT OF a 20 FT. vertical run OF INCH AND A HALF GALV. PIPE. (Luckily, we could see the final portion in the attic, cut it out from below and fed up sections of new copper 5 ft. at a time as we soldered couplings on. Conclusion: If you can see all the pipe, hit it with a hammer to check its soundness, then, ok. Good luck.
: Being that a vent simply vents air and gases and not liquid, I should not have to replace a galvanized vent for corrosion and rust correct? Or am I mistaken, in that it can fail over time?

: I am redoing my whole bathroom and trying to replace everything that is old esp. galvanized sink drain and horizontal 2 foot run of a lead pipe that is toilet drain before it ties into the vertical CI that runs straight down to basement.

: I just figure that a galvanized vent should last much longer then a galvanized drain pipe correct??

: as always, thanks in advance,
: Harvey

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