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Posted by e-plumber on March 19, 2004 at 14:12:23:
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: Had a plumber out to reseat bowl because of possible leak. The bowl is held down by studs threaded into the wood floor. One stud wouldn't hold any wood so the plumber tightened down one side only which resulted in the front of the bowl raised up and one bubble off on the level from side to side. I was able to get the loose stud anchored into wood. Can I loosen up the stud which is causing the bowl to sit up in front which would cause the rear to raise and the front to come down and still maintain the wax seal or does new wax have to be installed. The plumber does not want to pull the toilet again unless I let him install a new flange for about $300 and he claims if it doesn't leak there is nothing to worry about.

One bubble off is about half an inch. It's probably noticable by just looking at it without the level. It appears that the floor is uneven also. When the toilet was set, shims should have been used to make the toilet sit level. Grout or silicone then sealed around three quarters of the base, (the rear remains open in case a leak does develope, it can be detected).
You can loosen one side slightly, shim the low side, level it off and tighten it down, it shouldn't compromise the toilet seal.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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