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Posted by Deb on March 18, 2004 at 18:09:54:
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: : : : I recently bought a new bathroom (wide spread)faucet and initially began removing my old faucet. I gave up after I removed both hot and cold fixtures but was unable to remove the main spout. I hired a plumber who charged me $440.96 to finish the replacement. Did I get ripped off? Is that the going rate? He spent just under two hours to complete the job. Any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

: : : $440 ?? You paid that much for 2 hours labor and don't know if you got cheated ?? Didn't you get a estimate? Assuming you bought the faucet --You got ripped- big. That is why people don't call plumbers unless they are desperate ,or rich,or crippled ,or old,or naive. It is the greedy minority that take advantage of these types of people. Always get their hourly labor rate before they come out. If they won't give you a straight answer call someone else. No offense to the honest plumbers out there. To the rotten eggs I say take gas. spud

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: : Spud, you have nerve to say "No offense to the honest plumbers" after the statement, "That is why people don't call plumbers unless they are desperate ,or rich,or crippled ,or old,or naive. It is the greedy minority that take advantage of these types of people." How can you possibly post a reply to this person without knowing every aspect of the job?, I'm assuming you are not a licensed plumber.
: : e-plumber

: E-plumber , I don't have to be a licensed plumber to know this guy got ripped- the aforementioned pluumber probably at most spent
: a half hour getting the old plumbing out with a sawzall or wheel grinder if he couldn't get them loose with conventional plumber tools. He may , as Jimbo said had to put some new parts in and maybe sweated/flared or whatever them. But that is what plumbers do for crying out loud. Yeah it can be hard and backbreaking but that is what a good portion of his hourly rate is for. Yeah the truck the travel etc costs bucks and again as Jimbo says $80.00 per hour is about the going rate INCLUDING
: all that stuff. I didn't pull this out of my hat I have plumber friends and aquaintances as I am a nail pounder and work with these people on a regular basis. They tell me that these type of house calls get jacked up on a regular basis by some jerk plumbers.They make no where near that on a construction jobsite. My point is this guy wanted opinions and I gave him mine. He got shafted for about two hundred dollars..
: As for your post , yeah I do have nerve and I am outspoken and I did in fact wrongly articulate in my post . When I said people "don't call plumbers" I should have said "are reluctant to call a plumber" And I should in fairness say that jacking the bill by dishonest means is not by any means only rife in the plumbing industry. It applies to just about all trades where there is room for it. Yes in my trade too. To quote "Dylan" You don't need a weather vane to know which way the wind blows" And Bob is right.
: I still mean no offense to all the honest plumbers, and for what it is worth I thank you and all the people that give good advice for free on this forum. spud

I also feel that this bill is rather excessive, IF he was actually only there for 2 hours and and IF he didn't have excessive travel and IF he didn't run into any weird unexpected problems, etc,etc. I find sometimes that we are not told the whole story. It also fries my a$$ a little that people spend hundred or thousands on fancy a$$ hard to install and work with fixtures and then complain about the install price. However, there are unscrupulous people out there. Consumers need to be aware and informed. He certainly could have gotten several quotes or asked the plumber that he called for an estimate. I never give anyone carte blanche unless we have had a long standing professional relationship and then I still ask for a ballpark figure.
Also, we do tend to take offense. We all give our time and advice here and on other forums freely. Terry also puts a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into maintaining this website.
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