Toilet Diving Board
Posted by Carl on March 18, 2004 at 13:40:32:
I had water appearing around the toilet base where it contacts the ceramic tile floor. A plumber came out and pulled the toilet and said the wax was good. He said the leak must be from the water tank which was loose. He tightened the tank bolts and put down a thin wax ring on top of the existing wax. After he left I found a leak from a loose nut on the tank inlet which I tightened. I also saw that because the tile floor is lower in the back the base is only in contact with the floor from the bolts to the rear of the bowl. If I sit on the bowl it moves up and down like a diving board. Also the wax is expanding out from the sides of the bowl onto the tile floor. It has come out about 3/8".
This cost $101 dollars. I left him a voice mail message explaining want happened. How should he repair it?

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