yet another vent question
Posted by casman on March 18, 2004 at 12:33:13:
After reading through some posts I believe my dwv set up has a glitch. This is an 1890's 2 story house with a full basement. The 2nd floor full bath has a 4" drain line that goes from basement, straight up and out the roof. Here's the issue, the only other drain hooked into this section is the kitchen sink drain 1st floor which drops into the basement ceiling,then runs over to this same 4" drain line referred to above, and is vented with a studor vent. I'm thinking this isn't correct, and is in essence a problem if the line backs up???It does work but I'm thinking if I had to I could run this drain from the sink 30 feet over to hook up with the 1st floor bath?

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