1.6 gal toilet into 4" drain pipe?
Posted by Will on March 18, 2004 at 10:33:46:
Current toilet is a Standard Cadet mfg 1939. 4" cast iron drain. Well water. Plenty of condensation during humid summers.
I like the idea of replacing the toilet with a lower volume flush and getting rid of the condensation.

My concerns are:
Clearing - Will there be sufficient wetting of the 4" drain to adequately clear the waste? What models would you suggest?

Condensation - Will the lower volume be enough to remove the condensation? Or should I look at tank in a tank type models like the Vacuity? Perhaps a Toto Drake insulated? Other models?

Rough In - Mine is 18". Does this limit my choices? Should I have it changed to use a 12" model?

Thank You for your time.

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