Re: faucet rplacement cost
Posted by jimbo on March 17, 2004 at 21:38:58:
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:In my area ( San Diego) a good plumber is going to average about $80 per hour. Your guy spent most of that 2 hours on his back, inside your vanity cabinet up to his rear end, with crud falling in his eyes and the door latch stabbing him in the back. He used his years of experience and probably some specialized tools to disconnect the stuck rusty fittings which you were not able to manage. Assuming he replaces the angle stop valves and supply lines, you're talking $30 to $50 in parts. Also, how far did he have to drive to get to your house?

So, the $440 may or may not be a little on the high side, but on balance he worked hard for his money. Consider that you could have paid the same amnount to a knucklehead who left you with loose parts on the faucet and leaky connections underneath, because unfortunately that happens , too.

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