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Posted by Kelly on March 17, 2004 at 20:29:44:
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: : I have a split level house, where each finished floor is about in the middle of the wall for the next level.I have a kitchen on the main level, with a full basement directly below it. The main level steps down about 5 feet to a mid level, which then in turn steps down about 5 ft. to the basement finished floor. There is a full bathroom, with the laundry room and mechanical room on the mid level. I would like to finish off the basement, and include a full bathroom on in the basement level. This would place the basement toilet about 5 ft. below the deepest plumbing lines of the mid level. Can I do this? What is my best solution for making the toilet flush and shower keeping pressure?

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: There's quite a bit involved in a job like this. The work will need to be filed, inspected & approved by the Building Department. By the description of the piping layout, it appears that a sewer ejector tank & pump will be needed, this most likely will involve opening the basement floor. There are stringent codes to follow when it comes to drain and vent connections. A local licensed plumber would be able to assist you after seeing the conditions.
: Good Luck. e-plumber

Okay, same situation, what about relocating the hot water heater? Are there any special provisions needed for that?

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