Leaking Water Connection
Posted by Dave R. on March 17, 2004 at 17:06:51:
Saturday I installed a flush valve assembly onto a 1-1/4" inlet pipe. When turning the flush valve onto the fitting I didn't crank it on really tight because there was no way to back up the fitting due to the escutheon plate and sleeve and I could not go beyond alignment with my vacuum breaker tube. Well susequently I have found a drip of water about every 6 hours. Today (Wed.) there were no drips and the connection appears to be holding.

I'm almost certain that the drips were not condensation as two other connections in the same room did not sweat. I don't think that the soldered sweat connection to the inlet fitting was leaking either (I would imagine that would produce much more volume).

I'm thinking that the threaded fitting was leaking and eventually sealed itself. Is this possible? Will a very slow leak seal itself or is this just my lucky St. Patricks day?

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