vent pipe moving?
Posted by harveymasons on March 17, 2004 at 14:31:31:
I am redoing my entire bathroom and I need to change the location of the sink. It is going from the wall when you walk in on the right to the wall when you walk in on the left. so opposite parallel wall.
I have everything ripped out down to the beams. My question is the vent pipe. Currently it goes straightup on the right hand wall where plumbing is currently. Once the hot/cold lines and drain are moved to the left wall, how would one move the vent line, or how would one connect to the vent line being that it is on the opposite wall???

BTW- this vent is used fo rthe bathroom on the 2nd floor I believe as well so I do not see how it can be moved. Isthere a way to connect to this vent when all plumbing is now on opposite wall??

thanks in advance,

p.s. I am not doing the work, my father-in-law has a friend who will be doing it, I am just trying to find out how things will be working before he gets here.

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