Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
Posted by Mike on March 17, 2004 at 13:56:02:
In response to Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
I bought the Champion at a local "Home Depot" store. They sell the tank and
bowl, but NOT the matching seat. They do sell a seat that is pretty much the
same (by American Standard) but it does not have the matching indentation.

Anyway, I installed the bowl and took the tank out of the box. LUCKILY, I
tried the lid in advance. It did NOT fit properly. I called American
Standard. They said this was unusual and advised me to take back the tank.

Went back and got tank #2. Installed it. Everything worked fine for three
flushes after which the internals got hung up (so that water kept trying to
fill the bowl, but the valve was open). When I tried to reseat the valve, it
came apart. Bottom line, had to take the entire tank back off, take it back
to Home Depot, get another one. (It was impossible to consumer fix the
disassembled valve with any ease.)

Got tank #3 from Home Depot. By this time, I had figured out the date code
(at the bar code). The first two tanks were built in August of 2003. This
third one I got was built in November of 2003. It was very slightly
different. The back wall of the tank has two small dips (like half circles)
at the very top where the lid sits... probably for air flow or something.

Tank #3 seems to work. However...

1. SOMETIMES the valve does not reseat automatically when you hold the lever
down (despite claims that you can't hold the valve open by holding the lever
2. The valve leaks. About every thirty minutes to an hour, I hear some
refilling of the tank.

So, I'm left to call American Standard and see what to do, now.

As to the flushing of the toilet, it is efficient and seems to work well.
Shame these little problems have affected my overall impression.

I did notice (just out of curiousity) that the new toilet (and the one I was
replacing) seem to have a design flaw. Wouldn't it make sense that the
"exhaust path" would be a smoooth pipe with a direct route to the flange in
the floor? Yet, they all have nooks and crannies and other ways the water can
get into. Even if it took making the "exhaust" pipe part, and then casting
the rest of the bowl, seems like that would enhance flow.

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