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Posted by Gary Slusser on March 17, 2004 at 13:30:13:
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: : : it has been suggested that i use pe flexible pipe from my well to my house connection including after pressure tank.How is this pipe tubing connected to pipe thread? does it take compresion fittings? will it stand the pressure?. do you need special tools?thanks for any help. vinny

: : PE coiled tubing is a great product for water line that are to be buried such as from our well. Or to hang a submersible pump of foot valve with. I don't know how far into a house you want to run it though. Normally it it isn't used past the pressure tank tee inlet. It commonally comes in rolls to 500' and from 75 psi to 200 psi ratings. Underground use 160 or 200 psi rated.

: : The fittings are called barbed or insert fittings and are held on with hose clamps made for just that use and are stainless steel. The fittings come in the same style as say copper fittings; elbows, tees, couplers male and female adapters. Pump and plumbing supply houses will have everything you need.

: : Of course you could be asking about PEX since you don't identify what type plasitc but I've not heard of its use for well water systems into the house yet. IMO that would be overkill. Now inside it is an excellent choice IMO.

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: :Gary I can see that it would be real easy to use and no underground connections. I am concerned about squishing it where I will run heavy equipment (cat) over it to get to my fire escape road which I clear every year or so. I guess I could bury extra deep and use sand pack on it to give some protection from rocks etc.But I should do something like that whatever I go with I guess. Thanks ,Vinny

Yes you have to protect anything you use from rocks/stones and real heavy weight. But PE tubing is tough stuff and semi-rigid although at 160 or 200 psi rated, you wouldn't know it. lol

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