Re: 1.6 gal toilet
Posted by tattler on March 16, 2004 at 16:11:21:
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: Thanks, I did already. one post alluded to a solution, but never said what it was, other than to do a Google search, which I also have done to no avail.
: I have a acquaintance who says he has a friend that altered his water dump capacity by cutting notches into the round upside down plastic-mylar like coffee can shaped container that fits around his flapper. This theoreticly lets the water level come down another inch or so however long you make your notches which translate into maybe another gallon or so flush on his toilet..Disclaimer I do not advocate this as it is against code in a lot of places , if not the law of the land. I am not sure of that so you better check beforehand.- tattler

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