baseboard heating in basement
Posted by Dwayne on March 16, 2004 at 14:38:14:
I installed baseboard heat in my basement this summer. The Plumber installed a complete loop around the basement. The copper pipe is primarily behind the sheetrock, a foot or two away from the cinderblock foundation, and comes out in three areas where the baseboard is placed. I was suprised that the copper pipe was not insulated since it sits so close to the cold cinderbock. I was told it did not have to be insulated because it's underground and could not get below freezing. I'm concerned because I don't keep the heat on all the time in the basement and I don't want the pipe to freeze. Should I be concerned, can I add antifreeze into the system. What I've been doing is keeping the heat on when the temperature drops to 15 degrees or lower. Now that the basement is finished, it's too late to insulate the entire loop.

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