Re: Bolting the flange to concrete
Posted by Gary Swart on March 16, 2004 at 13:49:56:
In response to Re: Bolting the flange to concrete
The thing that bothers me about your connection is the space between the pipe and the edge of the floor. That's a fair sized hole. When a concrete floor is poured around a drain pipe, there should only be narrow gap, perhaps 1/4". There is a foam material that is wrapped around the pipe for this purpose. I'd suggest getting a piece of this or improvise your own. Then use a hydralic concrete patching mix to fill in the void. While the filling is still wet, fit the flange on the pipe and insert the bolts. There might well be enough support without them, but I'd feel better with the bolts in place. You will have to be ready to work fast, these mixes setup quickly. You won't need to be overly fussy about the surface finish, just smooth it with a trowel to level it off.

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