Sump basin bottom buckling
Posted by Karl Brumund on March 15, 2004 at 20:58:22:
When the basement floor was lowered 2' in 1997, interior and exterior footing drains and a plastic sump basic were installed.
The sump pump runs anywhere from every few minutes to every few hours (I guess due to high ground water levels; the basement was flooded during excavation).
The plastic sump basin (20"x24" deep corrugated) has buckled up on the bottom, approximately 4", so that the bottom is no longer flat.
I presume that there is a fair amount of hydrostatic pressure on the bottom of the sump basin, and since it is the lowest point (14" below the footing drains), there is no relief for the pressure. Not to mention that the sump basins are not very stiff across the bottom.

Any ideas? So far, it is not really affecting anything, except for the submersible pump not being level.

Thank you,

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