Re: Dielectric Nipples, how important?
Posted by Sylvan on March 15, 2004 at 18:55:25:
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: I'm installing some cast iron radiators in a new addition we built, I'll be connecting the radiators to 3/4" copper tubing. How important would the use of dielectric nipples be in the connection? If not used, what can I expect?

Do NOT use dielectric nipples/unions as there isa no valid reason to.

Think about this Cast Iron rads have brass (non ferrous) metal valves for shut off or controlling them

Sprinkler Systems BLACK STEEL BRASS Sprinkler heads.

Gas piping Black Steel Brass Gas cocks

Steam heating Cast Irin and steel and Brass valves

Hydronics copper steel cast iron all mixed and these systems last over 80 years

Main Steam valves like Leslie or rated steel have brass seats and normally brass gates.

If you want to go into more detail send me an E mail.

What was not asked is what kind of heating are ytou doing hot water or steam and YES folks do use Copper for steam supply and returns.

FORGET the dielectric fittings

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