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Posted by e-plumber on March 15, 2004 at 18:51:21:
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: Installed new bathroom Moen cartridge faucet and new drain assembly. Had a leak in P trap, fixed it by replacing washer as recommended by Terry Love in another post (see earlier post "New bathroom sink leaks") - Thanks to Terry for the help with that. However, the only problem I have left is that I have this catch-22:
: If I don't tighten down the nut (also called the "pivot rod seat" that holds the pivot rod in the drain body quite a bit, water drips from it when the water is running reasonably fast. However, I have to tighten it down so much to get it to stop leaking that it renders the pop up stopper almost useless. That is, its so hard to pull up the lift rod that it is virtually unusable. If I loosen up the pivot rod seat nut a bit, then it goes back to being easy to lift the rod up and down, but the drip starts again. The drip comes out between the drain body and the pivot rod seat nut (dribbles out between the seat and the threads on the drain body).
: I did NOT put anything on that ball that is on the pivot rod, the instructions didn't say anything about it. Should I have lubed it with something, would that help? If it matters, I installed it in the "easy removal" mode, where I can pull the stopper out easily for cleaning. Also, I did not put anything on drain body threads that the pivot rod seat screws onto, since its all plastic - I assume that is correct.
: There is a small white washer/ring that goes in that pivot rod seat - does it usually matter which way you put it in? By that I mean, you can put it in one way, or, flip it over and put it in the other way.
: I appreciate any help. This didn't seem like rocket science when I started...but its not as easy as it seems apparently.
: Thanks,
: Greg

My first suggestion would be to remove the complete plastic pop-up assembly and install a brass one. The white ring you're referring to may have one side of it that is flat, that end would go in first so the "ball" of the pivot rod sits inside the other end of the white ring.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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