Re: Sanitary Tee vs. Vent Tee
Posted by Sylvan on March 15, 2004 at 18:38:31:
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: Where a vent takes off vertically from a horizontal drain, or where a horizontal and vertical vent are tied together above the highest fixture, does it matter whether a vent tee or a sanitary tee is used? And if it doesn't, why do they make vent tees?

A sanitary tee if you look closely goes in a right angle in the direction of flow.

A "vent tee" is like a Clean out tee which is great for water jetting or snaking if one has to go up or down stream.

Also if a sanitary is used on the horizontal how would you face this tee?

If faced in the direction of flow the vent can be blocked over a period of time from debris flowing up into the fitting If your facing the tee the other way you will not get the full effect of the vent as your air is not going to go backwards to yuo the vent as readily as a straigt fitting.

Above the highest fixture it doesnt really matter as long as your facing the san tee inverted.

Hope this helps

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