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Posted by Gary Slusser on March 15, 2004 at 18:03:17:
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: I never thought I could have so many water issues. I have a ph of about 6. Clear Iron of about 8 ppm, red iron as well and some traces of sand and the water is cloudy.

: The water isnt hard but understand it will get hard after I correct the ph and iron. Ive also read that the ph should be 6.8 before many iron filters or water softeners will work.

: Can anyone recommend a cost effective system that will take care of all these issues? I read that calcite media increases ph and can remove most types of sediment but Im overwhelmed with so many water conditioning companies asking for big bucks for a separate unit to treat iron, sediment, ph etc.

: Any good ideas here ?

You can use a sacrificial acid neutralizing mineral filter or a solution feeder to raise the pH. AN Filters add hardness to the water but they don't require the baby-sitting a solution feeder does. Or the retention tank feeders require along with the fairly large floor space needed. And there's no potentially dangerous chemical sitting around the house. I strongly advise against an upfow AN filter. With heavy iron the bottom basket will clog up and prevent water flow. Backwashed (downflow) is the way to go.

There's no one piece of equipment that will solve your problems, so don't belive anyone telling you their equipment will do it all.

Once you have the pH right then an iron filter would remve the iron and a softener will remove what iron gets through the iron filter (if any) and the hardness. Prices will vary widely but if you're handy you can install the equipment yourself you oculd buy it over the internet and spend much less than you've been quoted.

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