Re: Garden water spigot where well is bored?by Gary Slusser
Posted by Lena Salvatore on March 14, 2004 at 16:10:43:
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: : : My husband is in the process of installing a 3/4 horsepower -10 gallon pump into the new drilled well. He is learning as he goes and is vague to me (not sure) when I ask if we can have a water spigot out by the well to water a garden. He is putting in a new large pressure tank over about 75 feet away under a shed and says there will be a faucet there but I want one closer to where the garden will be . Can he put one where the water is coming out of the well and let the pump in the ground do its thing ? There is supposed to be plenty of water - 12 gallon a minute and water is only 43 feet down and it is 103 ft deep. Or will we have to bury a water pipe from the pressue tank to where the garden is. (Or deal with a hose forever?(hate it) Thank you for any advice-Lena

: : What you have described isn't going to work well. You have to feed the water from the house side of the pressure tank or when the pump is off, with his check valve on the inlet of the tank tee where it goes, you have no water (pressure) at your hydrant. So he neds to run a line from the pressure tank back t othe hydrant because the pressure switch is on the tank tee. WIth a hydrant between the pump and its switch, the hydrant stays dry when the pump isn't running.

: : With no check valve on the inlet to the tank tee, the water used at the hydrant will have to run backwards in the pipe from the pump becasue the pressure tank provides water when the pump isn't ruinning. That running backwards, is not a good idea. So my advice is to run a separate line back (from the house side of the pressure tank) to anywhere you want the hydrant.

: : I put hydrants in a 5 gallon bucket filled with gravel with a lot of holes drilled in the bottom and sides and about 6" of gravel around it and cover the top of the bucket and gravel with heavy plastic. Also about 6" of gravel under the bucket.

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: :Gary-you have hit on what has been stumping my husnand. He says he couldn't figure why he couldn't leave out the check valve and let the water pressure even out and run the faucet at the well outlet area under pressure from a remote tank site and run the house water on the other side of " the cross-something". He never heard of the "running downhill" concept. No surprise there as he never did much plumbing. If he decides tobuild a tank shed at the wellsite
: then that would solve that I suppose. If he wants to put another line as you suggest from a remote tank shed then it seems pretty east to me while that trench is open to lay it in the same trench going back, PVC I think is not that expensive . Thank You for the advice. Lena
: Gary -I said downhill but I meant "backwards" sorry- Lena

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