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Posted by Greg N on March 14, 2004 at 12:33:36:
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: : My toilet is leaking between the base and the tank.
: : I had to take it out to put in a new floor and then I reinstalled it. When I reinstalled it, I put on a new wax ring and put new bolts in at floor level. No sign of leaks down there. I also replaced the tank bolts with all new bolts, washers, etc. I also put on a new gasket and rubber ring on the bottom of the tank that seats on the hole on the top of the base of the toilet.
: : The water is coming out from the seam between the toilet tank and the base of the toilet, right behind the toilet seat. It then falls onto the floor.
: : What should I be checking and is there something I could have done wrong? The first time I installed it I didn't replace the gasket and ring on the bottom of the tank because that was fine, but then it leaked. So then I took the tank back off, put the new gasket and ring on and still it leaks. Ideas?
: : Thanks,
: : Greg

: There are different tank to bowl gaskets, make sure that you used the correct one. The tank to bowl bolts should have the rubber washer on the inside of the tank, no metal washers go here. The bolts need to be tightened slowly and evenly. It is really easy to crack a toilet tank when bolting it onto the bowl. Make sure that it is not cracked.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

The new toilet tank bolts came with 2 rubber washers and one metal washer. I put a rubber washer on top and one on the bottom and finally the metal one last on the bottom, then the nut. Feeling those, they are bone dry.
The water seepage seems to be coming from the middle, like where that gasket and rubber ring is.
I installed it dry, thats what the directions said, should I have put any putty or some other sealant on the ring so there was something between the ring and the stem on the tank?
I did tighten down the first bolt pretty far and then did the other one. I'm reading that I should do it more evenly instead...
The new rubber ring thing did look different than the old one, however, it fit perfectly on the stem of the old tank. Maybe that doesn't matter. This is very sporadic. It ran steadily for a while last night, now it hasn't done it all morning. Bone dry. Not sure what to make of it.

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