Cast Iron Patch
Posted by Shanesmom2 on March 14, 2004 at 10:50:39:
In the process of an inspection for a 100 year old home we are trying to buy, we were shown a hole in a cast iron drainage pipe (could we waste or roof drain not sure), which is right at the foundations entrance. First, are we able to "patch" or cut out area of damaged Cast and replace with PVC for a temporary fix or will we have to replace entire length of cast iron pipe? Secondly, if we can indeed patch areas of cast with PVC can we do so at foundation line (we are aware of having to uplift cement either way, not concerned with that issue)?
House is an absolute gem and dont want to pass because of a costly issue if we could temporarly get buy until funds are more available..The first time buyer no money thing you know lol)
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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