Toilet Leak - Help!
Posted by Greg N on March 14, 2004 at 01:59:59:
My toilet is leaking between the base and the tank.
I had to take it out to put in a new floor and then I reinstalled it. When I reinstalled it, I put on a new wax ring and put new bolts in at floor level. No sign of leaks down there. I also replaced the tank bolts with all new bolts, washers, etc. I also put on a new gasket and rubber ring on the bottom of the tank that seats on the hole on the top of the base of the toilet.
The water is coming out from the seam between the toilet tank and the base of the toilet, right behind the toilet seat. It then falls onto the floor.
What should I be checking and is there something I could have done wrong? The first time I installed it I didn't replace the gasket and ring on the bottom of the tank because that was fine, but then it leaked. So then I took the tank back off, put the new gasket and ring on and still it leaks. Ideas?

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