Re: Toto Drake - Complete flush?
Posted by Terry Love on March 13, 2004 at 16:46:29:
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Non of the new 1.6 gallon toilets use all of the water in the tank.
The water is "stacked" higher for more pressure.
With a 3" flapper, the duration is shorter.
You are used to the 100 year old technolgy of the 2" flapper.
Flicking the handle uses 1.6 gallons, holding down the lever will use more than that.
The flush you are seeing is 100% complete.
Holding down the lever will make it maybe 150% to 200% complete.
Terry Love

: Based on advice from this forum, I have purchased and installed a Toto drake toilet. The one thing I am not used to is the flush. I have seen it described here as unique in that the water seems to drop as opposed to the swirling action I we are used to.

: When I flush it takes about 2 seconds and it's done. With the tank lid off, and watching the flapper when I flush, It opens by the action of the trip lever, but it then closes right away. With other toilets I am familiar with, when the flapper opens, it stays open for 5 seconds at least until the bowl empties. With the Drake, I can get more of the bowl to drain, but it requires me to hold down the trip lever and this keeps the flapper open a few seconds to completely drain the tank. Is something wrong? Is there a reason for the seemingly incomplete flush?

: There used to be toilets that I read about that had a dual flush trip lever.

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