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Posted by Sylvan on March 13, 2004 at 13:59:53:
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: I need to move a 4" PVC cleanout to another location nearby. The new location will be on a vertical section of pipe about 6 feet above the floor. Right now, the cleanout is about 4 ft. above the floor. Is the 6' too high -- any possible issues with code?

If you cannot use an access door or this piping is being hidden behind walls then common sence should prevail

What is one to do if for example your designing an aircraft hanger and have roof drains where a clean out is placed every change of direction greater then 45 degrees and or a developed length greater then 50 ft and trhis piping is over 60 feet above ground?

Or a boiler room where the drainage lines are over 30 feet above the finished floor YET there are CO's at the ceiling level?

Granted a CO ideally should be placed at the base of every stack and every change of direction greater then 50 feet or having an off set greater then 45 degrees BUT in the real world especially today with water jetters the CO being only 10 feet off the floor would not create that much of a problem.

Just get the local inspector to approve the new location.

Many building like the world trade center or other high rise structures I worked in we used a WC as a legal CO as the actual CO was just not readily accessible.

Common sense says DO NOT PULL A CO if you know for a fact the stack is blocked YOU try to work above the actual stoppage if you can by using a fixture like a WC which give you a full 3 or 4" opening.

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