Re: Cleanout location - height above floor
Posted by Sylvan on March 13, 2004 at 13:51:28:
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: Regardless of which code you fall under, it is violating code at that elevation.

Wow I didn't know that.

I had better tell every single high rise building I work for that they are in violation having drain piping as high as 40 feet above ground with the Boston TY (combination 1/8 bend and CO on the run.

What is one to do if for example your designing an aircraft hanger and have roof drains where a clean out is placed every change of direction greater then 45 degrees and or a developed length greater then 50 ft?

Or a boiler room where the drainage lines are over 50 feet above the finished floor YET there are CO's at the ceiling level?

Granted a CO ideally should be placed at the base of every stack and every change of direction > then 50 feet or having an off set > then 45 degrees BUT in the real world especially today with water jetters the CO being only 10 feet off the floor would not create that much of a problem.

Job conditions have a lot to do woth placement of the piping and CO arrangement.

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