Toto Drake - Complete flush?
Posted by MikeZ on March 13, 2004 at 13:40:24:
Based on advice from this forum, I have purchased and installed a Toto drake toilet. The one thing I am not used to is the flush. I have seen it described here as unique in that the water seems to drop as opposed to the swirling action I we are used to.

When I flush it takes about 2 seconds and it's done. With the tank lid off, and watching the flapper when I flush, It opens by the action of the trip lever, but it then closes right away. With other toilets I am familiar with, when the flapper opens, it stays open for 5 seconds at least until the bowl empties. With the Drake, I can get more of the bowl to drain, but it requires me to hold down the trip lever and this keeps the flapper open a few seconds to completely drain the tank. Is something wrong? Is there a reason for the seemingly incomplete flush?

There used to be toilets that I read about that had a dual flush trip lever.

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