Re: Garden water spigot where well is bored?
Posted by Lena Salvatore on March 13, 2004 at 13:17:16:
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: : My husband is in the process of installing a 3/4 horsepower -10 gallon pump into the new drilled well. He is learning as he goes and is vague to me (not sure) when I ask if we can have a water spigot out by the well to water a garden. He is putting in a new large pressure tank over about 75 feet away under a shed and says there will be a faucet there but I want one closer to where the garden will be . Can he put one where the water is coming out of the well and let the pump in the ground do its thing ? There is supposed to be plenty of water - 12 gallon a minute and water is only 43 feet down and it is 103 ft deep. Or will we have to bury a water pipe from the pressue tank to where the garden is. (Or deal with a hose forever?(hate it) Thank you for any advice-Lena

: Any time you use a hose connection make sure it has a vacuum breaker installed also depending on your frost line where this hose bib should be located

Sylvan, I don't know what a vacuum breaker is but I betcha I can "fly to the hardware store and get one before husband gets to the plumbing at the top of well. He and his running mate are "stuffing the pump-pipe down the hole as I speak. Speak? Thanks a lot -I love this site.

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