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Posted by Deb on March 11, 2004 at 19:10:02:
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: I had a nail in a pipe in the wall, thanks to some siding contractors. We ahd noticed a loud noise in the wall about 3 months after the siding was installed. Then last night I discoverd a water leak in the hot water line. I was able to fix it, after cutting a hole in the wall of course. I made sure to keep the pipe ends clean and nothing got in the pipes. I was flushing the kitchen faucet which was running great then all of the sudden I heard a thud and lost all water pressure on the hot side to my kitchen. I think a peice of calcium broke loose from the water heater and has clogged the line. Is there any way to unclog it. Unless special tools are needed I should be able to handle it.

Start at the faucet and work backward. it is most likely in the faucet itself, the supply riser or the stop. Turn off the water and disassemble the faucet and flush. If this is not it, go the the stop. Disconnect the supply rise and see if you are getting water from the stop. There is not magic solution. Most of us start at the faucet and work backward.
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