Re: Shellback Model 21 Control / pump. I need one.
Posted by JON STEIMEL on March 11, 2004 at 11:59:17:
In response to Re: Shellback Model 21 Control / pump. I need one.
: Our Shellback Model 21 Control was used to activate our sump pump to redirect our washing machine drainage from the basement to the main sewer hook up leaving the house.

: Our controler fails to deactivate our sump pump causing it to run all the time. We used to be able to pull the controler hose out of the drain and blow into to to reset the on/off switch to activate the sump pump but now that fails to work.

: I have had no luck what so ever to contact the Shellback Mfg Company. I have had to use snail mail to get info but we need a replacement ASAP.

: Do you carry this line of controls? Do you know a quick was to contact Shellback Mfg Company?

: Thanks for your time.

: Mike H.

: P.S. This is a repost. 1st one never showed up on the board over an hour ago. Sorry if it pops up later.

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