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Posted by hj on March 11, 2004 at 08:18:44:
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1. They are both saying the same thing, namely, that the vents are not there and that they will have to install and connect them. Whether the original construction plumber should have installed them or not was between him and the builder. Normally they would not all be installed because they would then be in the way for installing the walls and it might have been necessary to cut them apart to do it.

2. If your access is not adequate to transport a one piece tub into the desired area, then you will either need a modular tub or a conventional one with an installed ceramic tile surround.

: Hi - I have bsmt bath rough in & I'm attempting to get the bathroom finished. Apparently the plumber hired by my builder cut some corners. Here are my questions:
: 1) When a rough in is done, is the plumber supposed to add vents for the ejector pump and the shower? Two told me the first plumber should have installed vents, the first plumber tells me they'll tie in to existing vents.
: 2) One plumber told me I needed a 4 piece tub, but couldn't explain to me why. Any ideas? How much do these run? Do I have any other options?

: Thanks so much for any help/info!!!

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