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Posted by Bill C on March 10, 2004 at 18:05:52:
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: The tub-shower diverter valve in my master shower was leaking water through the stem, so I removed it to replace the packing. The leak stopped but now the shower diverter does not completely divert water to the shower head. It is fine when diverting to the tub. I have replaced all o rings and packing.

: It also seems to divert mostly hot water to the shower and the cold water to the tub spout outlet. The house is about 20 years old with the orginal plumbing. I believe the diverter is a Sayco type.

: I have a similar but lesser problem in the other shower. I completely replaced the diverter there with no improvement.

******* Hello Jan - was having a similar problem today with the shower diverter. I replaced everything from the valve seat to the handle using a tub & shower kit. No matter what i tried I could not get the diverter to send ALL the water to the shower, as some of the water would always be coming out of the tub faucet.

After an hour of trying to re-position the diverter valve in several ways, I discovered an extra O-ring that fit over the diverting mechanism itself. The instructions failed to mention anything about this extra O-ring. I slipped it on and the problem was solved.

Good luck!

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