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Posted by TJ on March 10, 2004 at 01:21:26:
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: History: We recently purchased a new house and were having a terrible time with all the toilets in the house continually stopping up - two were 3gallon/flush Mansfield toilets from the mid 80s...pure junk. Anyways, I used this website extensively for researching toilets. We ended up purchasing two Kohler 1.6 gpf Wellworth (due to cheap price and readily available in white locally) and one Toto Drake in Almond for our Master bathroom that gets the "heaviest" use.

: Performance Summary: The Toto clearly produces a much stronger flush than the Kohler but both toilets perform quite satisfactorily. We have not had a single incident of a plugged toilet with any of these toilets (over a 2 month period). With the previous toilets, we were probably averaging at least 2 blocked toilets a week (yeah, we are hard on toilets). The bowls stay much cleaner than the previous toilets. The Toto clearly has the superior flush - it is hard to believe this is a gravity flush toilet. You can hear it flush on another floor - the rush of water through the pipe actually generates a strong "rushing" woosh. I keep joking that we better keep the dogs and child away from this toilet or it might flush one of them. The flush strength on this toilet is very impressive. That said, we have had no problems with the flush on the Kohlers. While they don't seem to generate the same rapid woosh, they have had no blockages and I don't believe we have ever had any need to flush a second time to clear the bowl.

: One obvious performance comparison (in terms of flush) is that the Kohler have the traditional toilet flush where tank water rushes into the bowl, the water starts to swirl, and then goes down the drain. The Toto is completely different - it just appears to go down immediately in 1 big rush with little or no rotational flow. While I am sure the mechanism is much the same, the bigger flush valve generates a much quicker flush. It is surprising it clears the bowl as well as it does.

: Installation:
: Both toilets were quite straightfoward to install. Kohler has introduced a very "neat" seal mechanism between the tank and the bowl. There are compressible "spring" rubber seals that provide a much better seal than I have seen on any other toilet in the past (including the Toto). I had a bit of trouble getting the Toto tank tight to the bowl without the porcelein rubbing but I think that was me. I always overtighten everything (I have broken toilets at the floor that way). There are 3 bolts on the Kohler tank to bowl flange vs. the two on the Toto. I think I prefer the 3 bolts as easier to balance but both seem adequate. The Toto uses the traditional wedge seal underneath the tank and the rubber washers. This technique has long history and works fine. The Kohler seals win the "neat-o" factor and i suspect they will provide a better re-sealing capability over the long run when you have to reinstall things.

: Price: We only had 1 local shop that sells Toto's and they are not open on weekends (making it inconvenient to get there). I ended up searching the web for the best deal I could find. I think the Almond Toto at around $250 with shipping worked out about the same as purchasing an Almond Kohler (maybe $20-30 more at most) so it is definitely worth it for special order colors. The white Toto was going to cost about $200 which is quite a bit more than the $110 that the Kohler are at the local hardware. That makes it a tougher choice for me but if you have the extra cash and want to throw away your plunger permanantly, the Toto may be a good bet.

: I'm perfectly happy with both the Toto Drake and the Kohlher Wellworth. I am amazed how much better these are the than mid-1980s toilets I have had in the past 2 houses (even though these consume far less water).

: Happy flushing.

: Paul

review: Good effort Paul, After reading and absorbing that report I was moved and drained. I have a pair of noname 1.6rs I would like to permanently unplug with a stump charge of dynamite. TJ

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