Re: recirculating pump for a boiler
Posted by bill on March 09, 2004 at 01:08:58:
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Ok what is a water feeder problem? I don't know what that means. What do you usually do to fix this? I appreciate your help..

: If the pressure stays up when the pump shuts down you have a water feeder problem, not a pump problem.

: : The pump is on the return line and pushes through the boiler, it does not seem to go down when the boiler is off, it just goes up when it is on. I turned off the system last night and came back the next day and it was still at 29 lbs same as when I left it the night before. The pump says its rpms is 3250 where my old pump was at 1750.

: : : If the pump is on the return line to the boiler it can affect the pressure somewhat, but usually not to that extent because in a closed system the water pressure going out of the pump is balanced by the suction of the water coming into it. What is the pressure when the pump is off?

: : : : Does the speed have anything to do with the pressure in a boiler system. I had someone come in and put a new recirculating pump in for my boiler but the pressure used to be only about 12 psi in the system now it wants to go above 30 psi and that is what the safety blow off valve is set at. The new pump speed is almost twice what the old one was.

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