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Posted by TR on March 08, 2004 at 23:04:20:
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I also have a Reliance 501 electric 30 gal water heater (hot wired to a 30 amp breaker - old house, but new 200 amp panel). Mind quit heating. I reset the circuit breaker on the panel and it started heating up quietly, as if one element wasn't functioning. Then I tried a shower a few hours later and could only get warm/hot water on it's own - couldn't use the cold tap. I went out to listen as to whether it was heating up and it was doing nothing. I reset the breaker on the panel (not on the water heater) and heard nothing, however, it wasn't totally drained of whatever warm/hot water was in the there, but usually it kicks on rather loudly. Any ideas?

: : I have a Reliance 501 240v electric water heater. MN: 53020R56F, 30 gal. The unit quit heating, I found and reset a circuit breaker on the unit under a cover. The unit heated fine that day. A few days later it quit again. I am assuming resetting the breaker would allow it to heat. But I am looking for troubleshooting info to fix it permanently. Thanks

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