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Posted by James McLean on March 08, 2004 at 21:58:19:
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As stated, the beam is perpendicular to the tub, not parallel. The only way to move the tub to the desired position is to move the floor-level output toward the head of the tub somehow. So a 3-way won't help.

: If the beam is parallel to the tub then it should also be under the drain opening in the tub. There are several drain configurations and the one you want would be a "3 way elbow" at the bottom of the overflow with the outlet coming out the side with a bent tube dropping into your trap. They are called "side outlet" waste and overflows and you may have to do an Internet search for it. I think I found my last one at a company in Kansas, Missouri, or somewhere in that region.

: : I am putting in a clawfoot tub in an older home. The desired position of the tub would result in a large beam running right where the drain line should go (beam is perpendicular to tub length). That is, assuming that I use the usual drain configuration, with the hole in the floor directly under the overflow tube.

: : Well, the drain line and P-trap are in, running right up to the beam, because I can't see how I could improve the situation under the floor. But...

: : Is there any reason that I should not put the hole in the floor midway between the overflow and the tub drain, or even directly under the tub drain? If so, should the T be of a special design? (I'm thinking of the assemblies for 2-drain sinks where the T has a baffle inside.)

: : As far as I can tell, no one makes a tail piece for the tub drain that would allow the "under drain" option. But I'm pretty sure I could construct the "midway" option in the space between the tub bottom and the floor.

: : ASCII art: (use monospaced font)
: : normal midway under drain
: : __ __ __
: : / _overflow / _overflow / _overflow
: : || || ||
: : || || ||
: : || drain || drain || drain
: : ||_____|| ||_____|| ||_____||
: : | ______/ \___ __/ \______ |
: : || || ||
: : || || ||

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