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Posted by Deb on March 08, 2004 at 21:28:08:
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: I just bought a home that has been winterized. The main water line has been completely disconnected as has the hot water heater. Anti-freeze was added to the lines. Can I simply re-connect the maine water pipes and hot water heater and run the water to flush the lines? I have city water and sewer.

: Thank you!

I dewinterize a little differently, but we can have bad winters here and it is not unusual to find a broken line if it was not winterized correctly.
I shut off everything--all the stops and the water heater inlet. I turn the water on at the main and listen for it to stop (you could check your meter). I then systematically go around and open the cold stops and check each fixture. I then open the water heater valve and the farthest hot faucet and do the same thing with the hot. When water is flowing from all the hot taps, you can turn on the power or light the pilot. Check the meter as Gary suggested.
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