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Posted by Ed on March 08, 2004 at 11:06:57:
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FYI, It would have been a Pitless adapter. There is a good possibility that your new pump is pulling water from the well a lot faster than it can be made up. A submersible is considerably more efficient at it's job than an above ground pump. Increasing the size of your tank, if you did, would also add to the problem. If your well man has determined that your current well cannot provide enough water, a new well is probably in your best interest.

: I needed a new footvalve and bladder tank last year and the well man talked me into a new submersible and then the problems started. He put in a fitness adapter and Grundfoss pump with 40 feet of pipe. My water head is at 22 feet which leaves only 18 feet of pipe in the well with a 4 inch casing. The well shuts off when filling the tub and needs 5 minutes to reset. I have 40 feet of pipe left from the old pump and was considering adding it to the new pump so I would have more water available. The well man insists on drilling a new well but I never had other problems before the new pump was added. Any over problems to look for?

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