Clawfoot tub drain configuration
Posted by James McLean on March 08, 2004 at 02:12:46:
I am putting in a clawfoot tub in an older home. The desired position of the tub would result in a large beam running right where the drain line should go (beam is perpendicular to tub length). That is, assuming that I use the usual drain configuration, with the hole in the floor directly under the overflow tube.

Well, the drain line and P-trap are in, running right up to the beam, because I can't see how I could improve the situation under the floor. But...

Is there any reason that I should not put the hole in the floor midway between the overflow and the tub drain, or even directly under the tub drain? If so, should the T be of a special design? (I'm thinking of the assemblies for 2-drain sinks where the T has a baffle inside.)

As far as I can tell, no one makes a tail piece for the tub drain that would allow the "under drain" option. But I'm pretty sure I could construct the "midway" option in the space between the tub bottom and the floor.

ASCII art: (use monospaced font)
normal midway under drain
__ __ __
/ _overflow / _overflow / _overflow
|| || ||
|| || ||
|| drain || drain || drain
||_____|| ||_____|| ||_____||
| ______/ \___ __/ \______ |
|| || ||
|| || ||

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