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Posted by nicktheplumber on March 08, 2004 at 00:05:06:
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: So just start at the known point and work away from there digging and tracing to the main DWV line?
: Nate

Well, that would be one approach. It would be nice if you had the plans for the original installation showing where the pipes run under slab and how they connect to the rest of the drainage system. There are systems used by DWV specialists to trace the routes of under slab pipes, using sound and electromagnetic probes and detection devices. These are very expensive and I don't think you can rent them. Having the information on the precise location of your underslab pipes would allow you to access them with almost surgical precision and with a minimum of slab destruction.

The job you describe is a big one for a DIY project. Once you excavate the pipes, you still need to make sure you lay out your connections properly, including drain sloping and venting for all of your added fixtures.

As to the tools to get through the concrete, you could do it with a sledge and chisels, if you are careful. I use an electric demolition hammer and concrete saw (with water cooling) for my work.

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