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Posted by nicktheplumber on March 07, 2004 at 23:47:48:
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You could try setting the thermostat to a higher temperature than 110 degrees. At temps around 140 degrees you should have mixing valves on your showers, however. Try 125-130 degrees. 110 degree water is not all that's barely 10 degrees over body temperature... The 20 foot pipe run to the fixture should be OK, especially if the pipe is wrapped. BTW, this is just a semantic peeve, but "water heater" is sufficient. "Hot water heater" is somewhat illogical unless the water you are heating in it is already hot.
: The lines are wrapped and it is 20 feet or so from the tank. I can let it run for a whole shower and it will not be very warm but if I shower and check it again in 15 miutes or so it has had time to warm up to the normal temp which is too hot to be in with the hot water all the way up. I'm guessig around 110 or so but I'm not sure. It's like it isn't coming on during the night.If it was set too low would it be warmer right after it was fired up. Shouldn't it stay at a certain temp or is there a range?

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