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Posted by Deb on March 07, 2004 at 15:27:47:
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: : : : My well pump is constantly turning on and off. The pipe coming out of the pump moves up and down as it pumps. Is the top of the pump supposed to be sealed tight around the cover of the pump? I know I have to check the pressure tank to make sure it does not have too much air, but what about the round cover on the pump, should this be tight?
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: : Yes, the round cover is the well head cover. it is asubmersible pump-I probably have a leak somewhere in the pump.
: : : The most likely cause of the pump constantly cycling on and off is a leak. The pressure drops even though no water is being used, the pressure switch send juice to the pump, the pump kicks on and pumps until the kick off pressure is reached. And then it starts all over again. Have you watched your pressure gauge to see if the pressure is dropping with no usage?
: : : When you mention the round cover on the pump are you talking about the well head cover? A submersible pump is submerged and you do not see it. A jet pump sits on top of the ground with pipes going into the wellhead. Cycling on and off is hard on your pump.
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: The sub pump will be submerged IN the water and will not seen leaking. Your problem most likely is a LEAK in the pipe between the pressure tank and the sub pump. Hube

Submersibles have a check valve that can fail. A bad check valve will let the water drain back into the well.
The Pipewench

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