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Posted by Dave R. on March 07, 2004 at 10:45:24:
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I purchased the fixtures from a supply house that claims to be the leading Kohler Products distributor in the region (Pittsburgh,PA). If they are the leading distributor, I would think that they would have a no questions asked return policy. I guess that I am just surprised at what I am seeing and I did not want to seem out of line, if these type of defects are always present in fixtures.

The cracks appear to be due to shrinkage of the clay before it was fired. I suppose that there are a certain percentage of defects that are just inheirent to the manufacturing process. I can only speculate that this is why the areas have been treated with some type of sealant, in an effort to prevent leakage.

I should note that only the one urinal is actually leaking. I will return it and hope that the other fixtures will perform ok. Thanks again for your input HJ.

: Did you purchase them from a "real" plumbing supply co? If they have structural cracks, then they should be returned, although Kohler insists that all fixtures are tested before leaving the plant and defective ones are always destroyed. However, if it was purchased from Home Depot or similar, I have had customers receive defective ones.

: : Has anyone had bad luck with Kohler fixtures? I recently purchased 9 Kohler fixtures. All of the fixtures indicate cracks in what I would call the gray areas (or the unfinished surfaces)on the underside of the fixtures.

: : I went ahead and hung the lavs because I don't think the cracks would present a leak where they are located, but they are close to the lower mounting hole locations and that worrys me.

: : I hung a urinal and flush tested, no leaks. An hour later I found a puddle beneath the urinal. Water was filling up a fist sized cavity that is adjacent to the bowl. Upon closer inspection, there is a crack in the corner of this cavity letting water from the bowl seep out. I inspected another urinal and found cracks in the same location.

: : These cracks appear to have occured when the fixture was manufactured. Infact, some of them are covered with some kind of coating applied by the manufacturer. I am not a plumber by trade, but I am wondering if this is normal. In my business, (structural steel fabrication)cracks are not normal and they usually don't result from bad luck, but rather from carelessness in manufacturing.

: : Since I am not a plumber and don't purchase regularly from this plumbing supply house, I would like to have some input from the professionals before I return the fixtures.

: : Can anyone advise?

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