Re: Pump won't build pressure above 50lb in new pressure tank
Posted by hj on March 07, 2004 at 09:59:37:
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Unless the water is leaking out somewhere, the pump is the problem. If it takes a long time to build pressure and/or will not reach the full pressure point, the pump is not operating to its full design capacity. The only other possibiility is that it is pumping properly, but the controller and gauge are not registering the actual pressure, in which case you could be seriously overpressurizing the tank and system and stressing the pump.

: Last weekend I installed a new pressure tank (Well-x-trol wx203) for my house. During the installation we found that the tee I had from the previous tank was too short and we jerry-rigged a pvc extension to the old tee just to get us water back last weekend. Everything was actually working quite well, building presssure to 70lbs with no problem but I wanted to replace the tee and some other parts with new pieces to "complete" the installation. I know.. why fix something that ain't broke? Anyway, this weekend we took everything back abart, put in a new tee, new pvc, new copper, etc and it looks quite nice and the installation went smoothly. Problem is, now my pump takes forever to add preesure above 30lbs and can barely get over 50. The pump and house are 10 years old and while I guess it is possible that the pump just can't do it anymore it is awfully coincidental since it was building to 70lbs the morning before we replaced the tee, etc. I have drained the tank, bled the air, everything I can think of but am happy to redo those things in case I did it wrong. I don't think I have any documentation on my well or pump, I THINK it is only about 250 feet deep. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Drew

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