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Posted by Mike on March 06, 2004 at 22:48:53:
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We have this exact same problem, too. We get our water from a well on our property. Could that be the source of the problem?

Thanks in advance.


: Thank you for your response. The air spurts out from all faucets and toilets in the house ( sinks, bath tub ets) on all three levels of the house. When you turn on the faucet (either hot or cold) the water comes through with loud spurts of air. It after 20 - 30 seconds or so it will flow appropiately ( no air) It is worse on the third floor.

: Cindy

: : Cindy,

: : Please better explain the nature of your problem. What do you mean by water coming out of every pipe??? Snaking a toilet, vent, or drain isn't likely to cause any problems. You need to have an experienced plumber or two take a look (hopefully, when these "spurts" occur). You may eventually need a camera snake to look inside to better evaluate your drains. I would do some research such as asking neighbors if they've experienced similar problems.

: : Greg

: : : 2nd request

: : : Over a month ago I wrote and asked for advise about a plumbing problem. We had a clog in a third floor toilet. The technician pulled the toilet and used a varied of snakes ( very long ones). Since that time we have had water coming out of every pipe especially when there is no use for a number of hours ( as in morning). It is getting worse as time goes on. The plumbing company says they did nothing. We could use some help on what to do .....Thanks so much.

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