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Posted by Lynn on March 06, 2004 at 20:55:39:
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: Hello. When I fill the bath tub, I notice black fleck-like particles in the water. The particles do not disintegrate when rubbed between my fingers, but a knife can cut them. They are in the sink filters too. We are on community water lines, not on a well. The plumber said that they are most likely caused by a disintegrating anode rod. He recommended that I have the hot water heater replaced. The hot water heater is a Rheem built in 1991.
: I was skeptical because of the plumber's diagnosis because he did not check the rod; and everything I have read about disintergrating anode rods mentions a sulfur smell, not black particles.

: Can you please identify the problem with our water? Thank you!!

I had the SAME problem a few months ago. People thought I was crazy! I swear, there were black specks floating in my water!!! I noticed it in the kitchen.
Check your water source. My problem was resolved by changing the supply lines. The rubber gasket had started to deterioate and was breaking loose in my water.

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