HELP - Noise seems to be eminating from pipes
Posted by Kat on March 06, 2004 at 10:11:57:
My husband thought I was crazy. For some time I had been hearing what sounded like water running. After triple checking every faucet inside and out, I could not locate the running water. I first heard it in the master bath.

Last night, just after dinner, the sound was so loud that it could not be ignored. It sounded as if it were eminating from the water heater. A walk through the house produced no clues. The sound was very loud by the water heater and in the master bath. Checking the pressure valve on top of the water heater didn't help. Turning off the power to the water heater didn't help either. Turning off the water at the main valve produced the quiet I wanted. We left the water off during the night.

This morning, we had to turn the water on for a shower. After the shower, I entered the garage to find water flowing down the garage floor. It didn't seem as if it was coming from the water heater, but I don't know for sure.

The water heater is about four to five years old. The house is about 14 years old. We have owned it for six and a half years.

Please, could someone tell me what the problem is and the best way to rectify this situation?