Re: Main Line Cleaning
Posted by Jim Mericle on March 05, 2004 at 11:57:03:
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I don't currently have any clog or restrictions.

I had a bathroom added to the back of my house a few years ago. Due to the limited amount of pitch available (1/12) they put in I believe a 6-inch line or whatever code required.

A couple of years ago I tried to flush out the system with water and what it did was wash all the loose material in the wide pipe down at once creating a clog once it hit the junction with the original sewer line.

I was thinking using one of these main line cleaners on the new section of pipe would dissolve any possible clogging materials and then I could give it a good flushing.

I've snaked the system as needed but am reluctant to do it much more often because I want to have a trenchless system put in in a couple of years and I'm told the more you snake terra-cotta pipes the more chance they will crack and distort making the trenchless solution impossible.

Also, does this type of cleaner affect the rubber connectors used in new cast-iron installation?


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