Don't Adjust Pressure Switch
Posted by MIchael Vickers on March 04, 2004 at 14:05:08:
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The pressure switch controls whether or not the pump/motor is on or off. Once you have verified that the pressure switch is not functioning properly by watching an accurate pressure gauge while operating the pump, replace your pressure switch with a new one. I have learned through the school of hard knocks to never adjust the pressure switch (although it is adjustable). If it is not turning off and on at the appropriate pressures, then replace the pressure switch ($25 is a bargain).

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: : : My pump still pumps water; but it no longer shuts off. When I turn it on the pressure gauge creeps up to 40#, then just stays there and will not go any higher nor kick off. In the past, I think it kicked on at 40# and kicked off at 60#. Since it ran a long time without rest before I discovered this, I thought that maybe the impeller was damaged from heat. So I replaced the impeller but my problem remained. I fiddled around a little with the screws on the pressure switch, but did not really know what I was doing. Any idea on a) what my problem is and b) how to get the pressure switch readjusted to the proper position? Is this a jet (out of well) or a sub pump (in the well)? Is this a Square D pumptrol switch? Let us know and we will advise further. Hube
: Hube---
: Thanks so much for agreeing to help me.
: My pump is a Craftsman Shallow Well Jet Pump (� HP; 40/60 pressure; Model # 390-251882). It sits atop a Sears Captive Air Water Tank. The whole thing sits atop my well. The foot valve is about ten feet below the pump; but lately the well has been full to the top, which means the water level is only a couple of feet below the pump. I don�t know whether the switch is a �D� . The rectangular black plastic cover which fits over the switch does not contain a model number, but says: Type: SK-2 Model: STA-RITE Part Number But then there is no number. The switch contains four raised screws in a straight line which hold wires; and there are three lower adjustment screws: #1 is in the middle, with #�s 2 and 3 on either side. Instructions in the cover say: Device Adjustment: 1) Turn nut #1 CW to raise cut on & off pressure 2) Turn nut #2 to raise cut off pressure only
: I do not understand these instructions. (I did not install this system, although I have replaced a few parts through the years). Furthermore, I do not know why the switch would be out of adjustment, anyway. I have never had to adjust it before (I was just fiddling with it lately out of desperation).
: Let me recap this: my water pipes into the house froze, then unthawed---although I don�t think the pump froze. Now my problem is that the pump goes up to 40# pressure, then just keeps running without shutting off. I replaced the impeller and re-plumbed several fittings which were leaking. I now have only a slight dribble where the hose from the tank attaches to the pump outlet. This (lack of leaks) is better than it has been in years. Since this problem developed I have kept the power to the pump shut off except when I am running water in my house. But even when it is shut off overnight, the system seems to hold pressure at 40#. The pump just won�t shut off.
: Thanks�
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